Shifting Point


Punto in Movimento/ Shifting Point
came into being because of the response to a need from a group of independent artists and technicians who were looking for something new and fresh. They united in a desire to produce theatre, dance and cinema by means of new forms of research and language – projects that could be created with complete artistic freedom. Punto In Movimento uses theatre, dance and cinema as their chosen mediums. They work to create and promote various events and projects of a cultural nature aimed at everyone.


Activities include: doing theater and cinema, installation proposals, research, promotion of cinemagraphic and theatrical practices, promotion of initiatives for research and distribution of theater and cinemagraphic culture, the realization and installation of cinemagraphic events whether as spectacle or as short-medium or long films done to spread culture, support to groups and organizations that work in the cultural, artistic and touristic fields proposing initiatives that contribute to the development of theatrical and cinemagraphic culture, valorization of grouping and language among youths specifically as a battle against the dis-ease felt between the younger generations, promotion of activities for animating and joining together children and adolescents by means of play, and formative cultural activities aimed at a correct and harmonious educational development, working, in particular, to develop opportunities for inter generational exchange.


The theme of ‘formation’ has been of great importance at the center of the cultural projects of Punto In Movimento.
Courses, cultural and didactic paths, workshops, and seminars are all an integral part of our activities. All of this is made possible by the theater space that Punto In Movimento manages as seat of it’s activities, site for shows, meetings and as artistic point of reference.

Today and yesterday’s collaborators