Marina Furlani

Marina studied ballet from the age of 4 with l’Étoile Luciana Novaro in Verona and Milan, and then at the Royal Academy of Dance in London.
She then went on to broaden her study of dance to include jazz and modern dance, theatre dance and acrobatic laboratory. She entered he world of the theatre at the age of 10, performing in various leading roles. She has participated in several National and International Theatre Festival, won Best Actress at the Italian Nationale Theater Festival of Gorizia and received other special mentions.
With Punto in Movimento/Shifting Point, she produces both plays for the stage and film. She has participated in many Film Festivals around the world, winning the Los Angeles Italian Film Festival. Marina also organizes events, conducts workshops and lessons and continues to study école of theatre and the film directors Stanislavskij, Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Mejerchol’d, Lee Strasberg and Peter Brook.