Roberto Totola

Roberto grew up on and around the stage. His father was actor and director and his mother was an opera singer. His world was of art and performance.
He has directed and acted in numerous plays, winning awards at National and International Theatre Festivals and Exhibitions: Pesaro Italian Theatre Festival, Gorizia, Macerata, Rovereto, Montreal World Festival, Cavalaire, Nimes and Monte Carlo Principality of Monaco.
With Punto in Movimento/Shifting Point Roberto has produced several plays for the stage, and has been involved in various films and participated in many Film Festivals around the world winning an award at the Los Angeles Italian Film Festival. He also organizes many events, conducts workshops and lessons and continues to study école of theatre and the film directors Stanislavskij, Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Mejerchol’d, Lee Strasberg and Peter Brook.
Roberto has acted in various Italian Theatre companies, and has also acted in Italian films like La Frontiera directed by Franco Giraldi where he acted alongside Giancarlo Giannnii, Raoul Bova and Omero Antonutti.